About Us

Moduli is a security services company, focused on helping organisations identify risks, meet compliance obligations and educate frontline staff. Our goal is to help you cut through the marketing hype and bring you solutions that actually work.

  • History

    Moduli was established by security veterans to fix many of the problems seen within the industry today, such as the need to be present findings in a way that is easy to understand and allows organisations to track and remediate the identified findings.

    We also appreciate the demands that front line technical staff are often under, and have created resources to make the remediation phase of common vulnerabilities as easy as possible.

  • Approach

    Our success is built on 2-way trust and communication between us and the clients we work with. We continuously work with our clients to solve complex challenges in a way that will minimise risk to the business and maximise performance. Please reach out today and experience our can-do attitude